Self-Insured Americans Inc.


Self-Insured Americans Inc. is actively working to support a savings-based approach to medical payment with fair and effective public policy. Through self-insurance we can:
  • Promote savings;
  • Help avoid the overhead, waste, fraud and abuse associated with traditional insurance while providing faster payment to providers;
  • Protect the doctor-patient relationship from interference, including failure to pay for experimental treatment;
  • Promote healthy behavior while reducing moral hazard;
  • Defend religious freedom with respect to payment for controversial products and procedures;
  • Preserve privacy; and
  • Affirm state and individual sovereignty with respect to healthcare.

Please support our cause of self-insurance by joining, making a donation, or volunteering.

Legislative Activity

We are currently looking to secure passage of Texas HB2243, the dedicated personal insurer act. This bill allows individuals who save to self-insure and avoid individual mandate tax penalties. Contact your legislators to express your support.

Self-Insurance Resources

If you are currently self-insuring or looking to self-insure, we have sample plan documents that can help you form an employer plan as a self-employed individual if you attempt self-employment activity. By adapting the dedicated personal insurer act to your state, you can work with legislators to be able to self-insure without starting a business. Either approach will allow families to avoid mandate penalties through a savings-based approach.