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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

This Terms of Service and Privacy Policy document applies to your use of this web site ("you", as an individual or an entity) and Self Insured Americans Inc. (SIAI, "we", or us"). If you do not accept these terms, do not use or access the site.

Collection and Use of Information

Self-Insured Americans Inc. collects information on the use of our website, including a log of page visits and the IP address, referring site, browser version, and browser language of visitors. We may store identifying information within your web browser. This information may be used to infer the approximate location of visitors, length of site visits, and repetition of visits. This information may also be aggregated to better understand how our web site is used. We may share this information with vendors/partners or use external tools in order to perform these functions on our behalf.

If you join Self-Insured Americans Inc. using our online form, we will record this information in our member database and use it to communicate with members. If you make a donation using our online form, we will use this information to process the transaction and retain records for accounting purposes. We may share this information with vendors/partners or use external tools to perform in order to perform communication, transaction processing, or accounting functions on our behalf.

Information may be used for security purposes. We may share information when required by law, to investigate possible fraudulent or improper payments, or to resolve information security issues.

Self-Insured Americans Inc. will not sell or provide information to third parties for marketing purposes on behalf of entities other than Self-Insured Americans Inc. without your explicit consent. We do not store or request storage of credit-card information beyond that necessary to settle the requested transaction.

You may unsubscribe from communications at any time by using the unsubscribe link provided in the communications or by emailing the webmaster. Requests to unsubscribe will be processed as quickly as possible and no later than 24 hours after recipt.

Site Security

You must not submit or attempt to submit membership information or donation information that is inaccurate. You must not submit information representing or on behalf of anyone other than yourself, unless you have the express written consent of the respective other party to submit information on their behalf.

In using or accessing the site, you must not attempt to bypass information security controls. You must not access any password-protected portion of the site without explicit authorization. You must not attempt to intercept information sent to or received from other users. You must not attempt to connect to the site in an automated and continuously repetitive manner or in any way attempt to cause a denial-of-service to other users, disrupt site operations, or exhaust site resources.